Govee RGBIC Striplights – Setting the Standard for RGB Home Lighting

Red/Green/Blue (or RGB) LED lighting is a fantastic, environmentally friendly solution to offer low-cost, mood-appropriate home illumination. The Govee Trademarked RGBIC striplights, which offer the same practical, home illumination but with a variety of new intelligent capabilities, are the next development in RGB lighting, and we’re here to talk to you about it.

In order to make standard RGB strip lights more logical and adaptable, Govee has taken RGB LED strip lighting technology and incorporated a number of app-controlled smart capabilities. Without further ado, let’s look at all the extra features that come with purchasing a set of Govee RGBIC strip lights.

Download the App for Free!

You’ll be happy to learn that using Govee strip lights and all of their wonderful features won’t cost you a penny once you’ve acquired them. This is due to the fact that the aforementioned app is totally free and is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphone devices.

You only need to go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, type “Govee Home” into the search bar, and then download the official Govee Home app when it shows up. The best place to accomplish this is at home using your WiFi, as doing so ensures that you won’t incur any data charges when installing the program.

Complete Control of Your Striplights

We truly mean it when we say that our app gives you total control over your striplights. Once it’s launched, the app offers a simple colour wheel where you may choose from up to 16 million shades and tones. There are even 50,000 various shades of white available, so you may select the precise level of colour you desire for any occasion, be it a raucous gathering or a romantic evening in.

Voice & Remote Controls

As if what we’ve said thus far wasn’t enough, you can also use Alexa to voice-control your lights using the Govee Home app, and you can programme your striplights to turn on and off at specific times. Given that the app’s remote functionality allows you to control your lights even while you’re away from home, RGBIC lights can actually be utilised to increase the security of your property even if you’re not there.


Additional Features Of Govee RGBIC Striplights

Feature #1 – The Independent Control Chip (IC)

Standard RGB strip lights are fairly limited in their functionality despite their effectiveness. Yes, you can set them to the colour you choose, but they can only show one colour at one. On the other hand, Govee RGBIC strip lights have an IC, or Independent Control Chip, that enables the display of many colours concurrently.

Govee RGBIC lights are much more adaptable thanks to this IC, which enables you to use the Govee smartphone app to create the precise colour combination needed.

Feature #2 – The Segmented Control Function

Govee RGBIC striplights are divided into 15 separate segments, as opposed to conventional RGB striplights, which are normally one integrated unit. Each segment can produce a distinct colour of illumination at the same time and can be regulated centrally.

This means that you have precise control over each component of your striplight, allowing you to use it for a variety of other tasks, like party lighting. The segmented control capability of Govee RGBIC striplights has a surprising number of applications.

Feature #3 – Music Mode

The ‘Music Mode’ feature on our RGBIC striplights is yet another fantastic feature. Standard RGB striplights also have this feature, which makes the lighting synchronise with the music you are currently listening to. This is a great feature for home discos or just to make listening to music in your living room or bedroom more enjoyable.

We hear you asking, “Well, how is this an extra feature then?” We’re delighted you did. Govee RGBIC striplights have some groovy new additional modes available in the Music Mode. The settings “Dynamic” and “Mild” are appropriate for any kind of ambient music that is playing. Whereas mild is best for soothing music, dynamic mode is for music that is powerful and energetic.

Feature #4 – Lighting Effects

A variety of lighting effects are another fantastic benefit of purchasing Govee RGBIC striplights. You can choose from a variety of pre-set lighting effects, such as Cinema, Chasing, Crossing, Romantic, Candlelight, Energetic, Snowflake, Breathe, and others, in addition to features like Music Mode.

With the Govee app, choosing a mode is now a quick and simple process that typically only requires a few touches on your smartphone’s screen. Hence, no matter what atmosphere or impression you want to create in your house, the lighting you want is always just a few minutes away.

Feature #5 – The Govee Home App

Because we’re discussing the Govee Home App, we’ve saved the discussion of what is arguably the biggest distinction between RGB and RGBIC strip lights for last. You will utilise this interface to centrally control all of the RGBIC lighting capabilities, giving you complete control over everything in a single, accessible area.

Source: Govee

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